Animation Composer

A free plug-in for Adobe After Effects used by more than 600 000 motion designers.

Most Loved

Animation Presets

4 hours of work done in 3 minutes.
Literally an absolute must have.

4.93 stars (1434 ratings)

Motion Presets

Animate any layer.

Text Presets

Animate text layers.

What people say

“Saves literally HOURS of time”
“Saved me an immeasurable amount of time and headache”
“Made my editing life SO much faster and quicker”
“The light at the end of the tunnel”
“Literally an absolute must have”
4.93 stars (1434 ratings)

Cinematic Titles

Push any text to the next level.

Animated Fonts

Too good. Too nice. Too easy.

Animated Fonts

Timers & Counters

Finally, you can make it count.
It’s about time!

Filmmaker's Transitions

Create immersive cinematography.

Essential Typography

The last pack of titles you'll ever need.

Hand Drawn Stuff

Illustrations, elements, animated fonts.
A pack that will blow your mind.

Shape Elements

Flexible. Multi-purpose.

2D Special Effects

The special spice for motion picture.

Backgrounds 2

The magic wand for your motion graphics.


Mask, overlay, or background.

Animated Illustrations

Pre-animated. Ready for action.

Edgy Style

Outlined Style

Colorful Style

Essential Sound Effects

There is no good video without good sounds.


Extend capabilities of Animation Composer

User Library

Create your own libraries in Animation Composer.