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Essential Sound Effects

Essential Sound EffectsWatch Video


An awesome sound library containing more than 1000 of the most useful sounds. This pack is a must have. It will change the way you approach sound design. Comes in handy for any motion design project!

Now available for Premiere Composer!

This pack works natively with Animation Composer & Premiere Composer! However, you can also download the product as collection of .wav files for use in any software.

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What's inside?

Categories: Ambience, Approach, Bass, Beep, Blab, Blast, Bleep, Blip, Blow, Boom, Buzz, Clang, Click, Clink, Crack, Creak, Crumple, Doink, Drone, Glitch, Hiss, Phew, Pop, Puff, Rattle, Rewards, Rumble, Rustle, Shake, Slide, Squeak, Swoosh, Tap & Knock, Transition, Vroom, Whistle, Zip.

  • 1066 audio files inside 38 categories
  • High definition quality sound
  • 24-bit 48kHz and 92kHz WAV files
  • Preview sounds right inside After Effects
  • Simple to add, adjust and replace
  • Every sound can be transposed and reversed before and after it's added to a composition

What’s new in V2:

  • New feature: reverse sound
  • More than 528 new sound effects
  • New categories: Ambience, Approach, Blab, Blast, Boom, Buzz, Drone, Glitch, Hiss, Rattle, Rewards, Squeak, Vroom
  • New sounds in existing categories: Transitions, Beep, Rumble
  • The pack was vastly reorganised for easier search and navigation
  • If you already own Essential Sound Effects V1, the update is free

How to update: 

  1. Click this link (login with your Mister Horse account if asked)
  2. Download your sound effects and follow the instructions
  3. Important! Do not remove the previous version of Essential Sound Effects from your disk because it might still be used by your old projects

Can the effects be used inside Premiere or Audition?

Yes. The Essential Sound Effects are just a set of .wav files organized into folders. The files can be added to Animation Composer for convenient use within After Effects, or you can use them with any other software.


  • Adobe After Effects CC 2019 or newer and our free plugin Animation Composer
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 (13.1.5) or newer and our free plugin Premiere Composer.
  • Sounds can be also downloaded as .wav files and used in any other software