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Latest update: The most popular pack The Most Handy Motion Presets is now just "Motion Presets" and contains additional 550 presets previously contained in 3D Motion Presets pack.

This pack contains a complete selection of the most useful motion presets. It's based on the most frequently used animations in animated videos. In general, these presets can cut the time it takes to complete your project down to a third or more.

A complete library

The presets are divided into two categories: Transitions and Effects. There are various types of motion presets, as well as variations of Easy Ease using different functions (Cubic, Quint, Quad, etc.). These include overshoots with a customizable number of bounces and many more. The presets are well organized into folders and it's very easy to find what you are looking for.

The Transition presets help you animate your layers in and out of the scene. Here are some of them:

The Effect presets can help you to create various behaviours, like continuous jumping, wiggling and rotating. You can also set when you want the effect to begin and end. Here are some of the effect presets:

The presets are customisable

It's easy to adjust the presets to achieve exactly what you need. The presets are made using the native functionality of Adobe After Effects, so you can dig as deep as you'd like.

What's new in the latest version?

We have updated the presets so they are even easier to adjust. With the latest version all of the customization controls are grouped under one effect controller. This cleans up your Effects & Controls panel and makes is easier to tune everything up. Check out the video below to see it in action:

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Items included in this pack

Fast Blur & Wave Warp 1
Cosine Position 5
Ease Fade & Position & Scale 3
Ease Fade & Position & Scale 4
Ease Fade & Position & Scale 1
Ease Fade & Position & Scale 2
Ease Fade & Position & Scale 3
Ease Fade & Position & Scale 4
Ease Fade & Position & Scale 1
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