Shape Elements

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This is a pack of animated shape elements for Premiere Pro and After Effects. It works with both of our free plugins Premiere Composer and Animation Composer.

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Powerful customization

Customization is brought to the next level. Each element has just the right controllers. Not more, not less.

Useful guide layers

Some of the elements have guide layers that help you see the big picture. That allows you to animate with precision and without guesswork.

Timeless design
never gets old.

Lots of easings to choose from

We made sure that you have enough variations to choose from. It gives you the flexibility you need and the option to combine elements in different ways.

Add some spice
to your videos.

Technical stuff

  • In Adobe After Effects - this pack works with our free plugin Animation Composer. The titles are placed to your sequence as native After Effects compositions. So you can go inside and change things completely.
  • In Adobe Premiere Pro - this pack works with our free plugin Premiere Composer. The titles are placed to your sequence as MOGRTs.


Items included in this pack

Star Fill
Lines 14
Dashes Length 1
Impact 360 Uniform 3
Diamond Stroke 3
Multiple Lines Of Shapes 18
10-Star Combo
Dashes Length 2
Rectangle Stroke 6
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