Text Presets for After Effects

Text Presets for After EffectsWatch Video
4 hours of work
done in 2 minutes.

This is a pack of more than 1000 animated text presets for After Effects. It works with of our free plugin Animation Composer.

If you are a pro or a complete stranger to Adobe After Effects, you won’t regret getting this one!

Powerful customization

Flexible, non-destructive, and it even works with your keyframes. Each preset has just the right controllers. Not more, not less.

Source of inspiration

This pack is an ocean of inspiration. It’s like a minigun for creativity.

People love it.
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Transitions and effects

Transitions make your layer animate in or out from the scene. Effects animate for the duration of the layer.


Any text. Any font.

No boundaries. The presets can be applied to any text layer. So you can use any font, spacing or size.

It’s like a minigun.
But for creativity.

It’s like having

Get it.
You won’t regret it.


Adobe After Effects CC 2022 or newer and our free plugin Animation Composer.

Items included in this pack

Decode & Stop
Decode Continuously 1
Decode Continuously 2
Decode Continuously 3
Decode Continuously 4
Decode & Scale & Tracking
Decode & Scale & Tracking & Stop
Flickering Decode & Scale & Tracking 1
Flickering Decode & Scale & Tracking 2
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