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This pack contains more than 1000 presets for text layers. From basic transitions to complex animations like character overshoots and bounce. You can get loads of inspiration just by browsing the presets. Whether you’re a beginner, a pro or even a complete stranger to Adobe After Effects, this pack is for you.

A source of inspiration

The presets are divided into two categories: Transitions and Effects. There are various types of presets: animating fade, position, scale, rotation, tracking, skew… Easy ease, overshoot, bounce, flicker, wiggle and more. The presets are well organized into folders, so it’s very easy to find what you're looking for.

The Transition presets are for animating layers into or out of the scene. For example, a simple fade in of characters, or eased positioning from the top. Here are some of them:

The Effect presets can help you to create various behaviors, like continuously wiggling characters. You can also set when you want the effect to begin and end. Here are some of the effect presets:

Hands on tutorial

You can use the text presets to spice up your vlog intro, animate your lower thirds or to make the titles in your videos more appealing. There are a gazillion ways to use them. Check out one of these in our hands on video.

The presets are customisable

It's easy to adjust the presets to achieve exactly what you need. The presets are made using the native functionality of Adobe After Effects, so you can dig as deep as you'd like.

What's new in version 2

The update brings a lot! There’s a lot of new presets! New categories were added: overshoot, bounce and 3D text presets. Also, with the latest version, all the customisation controls are grouped under one effect controller. Check out the video below to see it in action.


Items included in this pack

Decode & Stop Characters
Decode & Scale & Tracking Characters
Decode & Tracking Characters & Stop
Flickering Fade Characters 1
Cosine Position Characters Square Customizable
Flickering Position Characters Round
Wiggly & Cosine Position Characters Square Customizable
Cosine Position & Rotate Characters 1
Flickering Position & Rotate & Scale Characters Smooth 1
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