Filmmaker's Transitions

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Create mind-blowing cinematography quickly and without hassle. The moment you get your hands on this pack, the sky will fall and the ground will shake. It’s a filmmaker’s secret weapon.

This product only works natively in After Effects.

Create immersive cinematography.
Quick and easy. Right in After Effects.

Beyond the most useful transitions

There are various types of transitions. Simulated camera movements, zooming, perspective pans, rolls, light leaks, glitches and more. All you need to melt your client’s brains.

Great for motion graphics

If you do motion graphics, these transitions will be your magic wand. Just create two text layers, put one of transitions between them and bam! You just made amazing motion picture!

Quick start tutorial

You don’t need to be a pro to use this pack. It is very easy to use even of those who are new to motion graphics.

The transitions are customisable

You can do various adjustments to each transition. Moreover, the presets are made using the native functionality of Adobe After Effects. So you can dig however deep you like.

Stretch the duration

If you need to adjust the speed of the transition, you can just drag the layer In pont or Out point.

Smart buttons for effective workflow

Creation is a process of trial and error. Here you can try out different transitions very quickly. Replace a transition with a single click. Or if you want to keep a backup of the current transition and try another, just click Safe Replace. It hides the current transitions and places the new one above it.

How to do it right

The pack is so good and so fun that it is very easy to go too much bananas. Check out this tutorial on how to get the most out of this pack.


Adobe After Effects CC 2022 or newer and our free plugin Animation Composer

Items included in this pack

Pan Short 2
Simple Distorted Zoom In
Diagonal Stripes 2-color
Organic Light Leak 9
Pan & Rotate 1
Diagonal Stripes 2-color
Power Zoom Out-to-in
Pan & Rotate 1
Elastic Transition 3-color 7
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