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Editor's Bundle

Editor's Bundle
Save 55%.
That’s a neat -$364 discount.

If you work primarily with Premiere Pro, this bundle is for you. Save BIG!

Total value of the products in this bundle is $661.
You save $364. That’s a neat 55% discount!

The bundle contains following extensions:

Text Presets for Premiere Pro $99
Transitions for Premiere Pro $69
Essential Typography $89
Hand Drawn Stuff $99
2D Special Effects $59
Essential Sound Effects $99
Shape Elements $69
Icons $39
Backgrounds 2 $39
Total price $661
Bundle discount (40%) -$265
Black Friday (40%) -$99
Total price with discount $297
500+ text presets
800+ titles
280+ transitions
200+ special effects
990+ sound effects
650+ hand drawn stuff
920+ shape elements
310+ backgrounds
350+ icons
7 animated fonts
That’s 5000+ items.
The time you save costs much more than this bundle.
It’s like having


All products in this bundle are compatible with our plugin Premiere Composer for Premiere Pro. Most of the products also work in Animation Composer (After Effects version of the plugin).

Product Premiere (Premiere Composer) After Effects (Animation Composer)
Text Presets for Premiere Pro CC 2021+ Not compatible
Transitions for Premiere Pro CC 2021+ Not compatible
Hand Drawn Stuff CC 2021+ CC 2021+
Essential Typography CC 2021+ CC 2021+
Backgrounds 2 CC 2021+ CC 2021+
2D Special Effects CC 2021+ CC 2021+
Essential Sound Effects CC 2021+ CC 2021+
Shape Elements CC 2021+ CC 2021+
Icons CC 2021+ CC 2021+


Products in this bundle