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May 25 2023

Text Presets for After Effects update

We've listened to your feedback, we've rolled up our sleeves, and now we're excited to reveal the updated version of our beloved classic - Text Presets for After Effects.

The product you've always enjoyed now contains many new items and is easier than ever to browse:

  • New folder: Mask & Position.
  • New folder: Position 3D.
  • New folder: Typewriter.
  • New folder: Fade & Tracking.
  • Added a new preset control Reversed Order to easily change the direction of animation.
  • New effects: Color, Continuous Tracking.
  • Updated structure & previews for better browsing.

How to check them out? If you own the Text Presets pack or are subscribed to one of our paid plans, just open Mister Horse Product Manager app and download the update.

Visit product page

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