Hand Drawn StuffWatch Video

This pack is a massive combination of animated illustrations, elements and typefaces.

Everything in this pack is drawn by hand, animated frame by frame. It’s made for Premiere Pro and After Effects and it works with both of our free plugins Premiere Composer and Animation Composer.

All you need in one style.
Elements, fonts, illustrations.
Swooshes, arrows, bangs and many more.

The right stuff!

Arrows, glitter, crosses, highlights, steam, smoke, lines, curves, geometry, bursts, fire, transitions. Everything you need!

Watch the elements in action!
Anything from glasses to tattoos.

Spice. Swag. Style.

Tattoos, hands, fashion accessories, emojis, food and dining, social media stuff. Plenty of stuff to play with.

Playful customization

You can change colors, and toggle fills. Some of the items even have special features, like turning on a tattoo on a hand.

Watch the illustrations in action!
7 animated fonts
Create stunning animated typography in seconds.

Hand Drawn
Light Pencil

Hand Drawn
Bold Marker

Hand Drawn
Slanted Marker

Hand Drawn

Hand Drawn

Hand Drawn
Bold Boxy

Hand Drawn
Slanted Brush

You just type the text. That’s it.

You type the text, press “Add,” and that’s it! The plugin does the heavy lifting for you. It works like magic!

Create animated words

With animated fonts, you can create anything you want! And we’ve also included some of the most notorious words as ready-made items, like “Bang! New, LOL, or “SMASH!”.

Watch the animated fonts in action!

Quick start tutorial

Learn everything in 1 minute. If you would like to see this pack in action, check this out. It’s way too easy!

Swag for your videos.

Technical stuff

  • In Adobe After Effects - this pack works with our free plugin Animation Composer. The titles are placed to your sequence as native After Effects compositions. So you can go inside and change things completely.
  • In Adobe Premiere Pro - this pack works with our free plugin Premiere Composer. The titles are placed to your sequence as MOGRTs.