Animated Textures

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Important! This pack has been discontinued and all licenses have been upgraded to a new Textures pack. If you're missing the new license, please let us know.

Original Description

Add spice to your motion graphics with this huge pack of 4K textures which you can apply with a single click. There is altogether 1000+ texture files in 500+ precomps.

Update! We have added a lot of new animated textures. Gunge, Abstract Patterns, Frames and Brushes. Together it's 400+ new texture files, 80+ new animated compositions and more. Check out the hands-on video on the bottom of the page for detailed tour.

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Spice for your motion graphics

If you do motion graphics, these textures will be your spice. There are many different types of textures divided into multiple categories. You can use them with text, shapes or as overlay for your footage.


Hands-on tutorial

Check out this short tutorial to see what’s inside of this pack. We will show you different ways to use the textures in your project and also how you can use your own textures.

Hands-on videos

Watch these videos to see us improvising with the textures. We have put our hands on this pack and created something with it.

Smart texturing with one click

The old ways of texturing are over! You will never look back after trying this. You can apply the textures as a mask over selected layer with just one click. Animation Composer does all the smart and complex work for you.

No duplicity

This is a big one. Animation Composer does not duplicate your layer when creating the texture mask. This way you can make edits later, without worrying about doing it at two or more places. It's like the Clipping Mask in Photoshop, but better!

Creative freedom

The “Apply as texture” button gives you the creative freedom you've always wanted. You can stack multiple textures over one layer, change their stacking order, mask them, use blend modes... It's awesome!