Changelog - Animation Composer


  • Added support for Camera layers
  • Fixed missing fonts detection
  • Fixed some UI colors in AE Beta
  • Added info about expression errors when using Legacy ExtedScript engine
  • Improved handling of compositions that use Advanced 3D renderer

Date: 29. Apr 2024


  • Fixed some minor bugs
  • Updated branding graphics

Date: 13. Mar 2024


Platform: macOS

  • Fixed an issue with video previews floating above other UI elements that started occurring in AE 2024.2.1

Date: 27. Feb 2024


  • Fixed "Unexpected error" occurring after adding some Precomps

Date: 28. Nov 2023


  • Fixed decimal numbers support in Edit view

Date: 20. Nov 2023


  • Added support for new Animated Fonts

Date: 18. Sep 2023


  • Fixed crash when replacing precomp with Properties panel opened

Date: 12. Sep 2023


  • Fixed issue with missing characters when using fonts that only contain uppercase letters

Date: 08. Aug 2023


  • Added dropdown items loading in Edit view
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Date: 21. Jun 2023


  • Fixed crashing when loading big folders in User Library from cloud storages

Date: 12. Apr 2023


  • Fixed "Apply As Texture" button for texture precomps in AE 2023

Date: 06. Mar 2023


Platform: macOS

  • Fixed freezing of previews on macOS

Date: 19. Dec 2022


  • Fixed import of precomps with layers that use track matte in AE 2023
  • Animated Fonts are now aligned to IN marker when creating a new one

Date: 01. Nov 2022


  • Fixed expressions in Animated Fonts to work also with projects using Legacy ExtendScript
  • Fixed a bug that might cause rare crash
  • Fixed some memory leaks

Date: 19. Sep 2022


  • Added support for the new Hand Drawn Stuff pack
  • Fixed a couple minor bugs

Date: 12. Sep 2022


Platform: Windows

  • Fixed issue that corrupts some fonts in AE project after opening Animation Composer

Date: 18. Feb 2022


Platform: macOS

  • Fixed issue that corrupts some fonts in AE project after opening Animation Composer
  • Fixed item preview scrubbing on mac

Date: 18. Feb 2022


Platform: macOS

  • Added support for Mac computers with Apple silicon

Date: 03. Dec 2021


  • Fixed preview rendering for items in User Library in AE 2022 on mac
  • Fixed "File not found" error after applying a preset in AE 2022

Date: 23. Nov 2021


  • Fixed login error when using new Product Manager 2.0.0

Date: 17. Sep 2021


  • Fixed Essential Property names in AE 2021

Date: 06. Aug 2021


Platform: Windows

  • Fixed a bug that causes freezing UI when editing a text layer
  • Fixed a rare crash on Windows that might occur after selecting a text layer containing non-English character when some specific fonts are installed in system

Date: 10. Jun 2021


Platform: macOS

  • Fixed a bug that causes freezing UI when editing a text layer

Date: 10. Jun 2021


  • Added Transition Shifter controls to Edit Tab in main panel
  • Added preset controls to Edit Tab also when multiple layers selected
  • Added Copy Item Name and Preset Code to item context menu
  • Added Reveal button for presets in Edit Tab
  • Deactivated vertical scrollbar hiding in Browse Tab to avoid changing preview size when selecting folders with different number of items
  • Fixed an issue with some text presets that cannot be applied to a layer with modified Anchor Point Grouping property

Date: 07. Jun 2021


Platform: Windows

  • Fixed issue with User Library loading introduced in version 3.2.1

Date: 23. Mar 2021


Platform: Windows

  • Fixed some issues with UI scaling on HiDPI displays in After Effects 18.0

Date: 19. Mar 2021


  • Added Tools to main panel
  • Added support for Hi-DPI-related changes in After Effects 18.0
  • Fixed crash after removing a preset using Preset Actions dropdown
  • Fixed some other issues that might cause rare crashes

Date: 10. Mar 2021


  • Added "Preset Actions" menu to both Browse and Edit tabs to make Copy/Paste/Remove actions more accessible
  • Added support for non-Roman characters
  • Added "Reveal in Browse Tab" option also for Precomps (by right-clicking a layer name in Edit Tab)
  • Added item tree width saving in Browse Tab so it does not get reset after closing and opening panel again
  • Fixed a couple issues with dropdown menus

Date: 27. Jan 2021


Platform: Windows

  • Fixed freezing of previews when scrolling too fast
  • Fixed a couple rare crashes

Date: 17. Dec 2020


Platform: macOS

  • Fixed a couple rare crashes

Date: 17. Dec 2020


  • Added "Reveal in Browse Tab" right-click menu to applied preset shown in Edit tab
  • Fixed an issue with previews on Windows when there is no audio device available
  • Fixed an issue causing an error when importing some precomps in non-English versions of AE
  • Added settings for HW acceleration for previews on Windows
  • Fixed some issues causing a rare crash

Date: 07. Dec 2020


  • Fixed an issue causing "No layer selected" error in Transition Shifter even when layers are selected
  • Fixed Apply IN and OUT buttons for presets when panel is too narrow
  • Stagger in Transition Shifter now works with all kinds of layers
  • Files in sequences are now excluded from 500 free items limit
  • Fixed some mogrt and aep import issues
  • Fixed a couple other minor issues causing rare Unexpected error message

Date: 02. Dec 2020


  • Fixed preview scaling for footage with aspect ratio other than 16:9
  • Fixed an issue causing an error after deleting a layer containing presets
  • Fixed an issue causing a rare crash after selecting a layer
  • Fixed an issue causing a crash after attempting to fix layer parenting for layers with presets
  • Fixed a couple visual issues in UI

Date: 01. Dec 2020


  • Increased limit in the free version of User Library to 500 items
  • Fixed an issue causing "EntryPoint not found" error on Windows
  • Fixed a bug causing Precomp duration cannot be set above 100s
  • Fixed a bug causing a crash when loading palette from layer
  • Avoided loading auto-save folders and AE Crash.aep files in User Library

Date: 23. Nov 2020


  • Fixed an issue causing "EntryPoint not found" error on macOS High Sierra
  • Avoided loading in unsupported versions of After Effects
  • Fixed a couple visual issues in user interface
  • Added an error dialog that appears when Product Manager cannot be found

Date: 22. Nov 2020


  • This is a major update, so fasten your seatbelts
  • Completely new UI
  • Previews are now in grid and load much faster
  • Customization is now in separate "Edit" tab
  • User Library. You can load your own files to Animation Composer
  • More items in free version - new presets, effects and precomps
  • Adobe After Effects CC 2019 or newer is required
  • For more info visit

Date: 20. Nov 2020


Platform: macOS

  • Fixed video previews on macOS Catalina
  • Updated installer for macOS Catalina

Date: 27. Sep 2019


  • Fixed laggy RAM preview in CC 2019 when AC and AE use the same audio device
  • Improved product update notification system
  • Fixed fun examples project file which is bundled with AC installer
  • Fixed some other minor issues

Date: 26. Apr 2019


  • Added Sound Reverse feature
  • Added 19 new free sounds
  • Fixed sorting of sound files
  • Fixed Light Leaks in Free Starter Pack
  • Fixed some UI glitches

Date: 19. Mar 2019


  • Added support for new Textures
  • Added new items to Free Starter Pack
  • Fixed crash that might happen during updating preset expressions in projects created using non-English versions of After Effects

Date: 31. Oct 2018


  • Compatibility updates for the latest version of After Effects (16.0)
  • All of our expressions now work also with the new JavaScript engine
  • Heavily optimized preset expressions, they are much faster now in all versions of After Effects
  • Precomps now use Protected Regions in the latest version of After Effects
  • Some minor bugfixes

Date: 13. Oct 2018


  • Updated some precomps from Filmmaker's Transitions
  • Fixed ordering of master properties in Filmmaker's Transitions
  • Updated project file with some fun examples
  • Fixed very rare crash when inserting precomp from Preview Grid panel
  • Other minor changes

Date: 25. May 2018


  • Fixed expression errors in Filmmaker's Transitions on non-English versions of After Effects
  • Fixed Settings dialog

Date: 07. May 2018


  • Added support for new Filmmaker's Transitions
  • Added buttons for replacing selected Precomp with another one
  • Added a few precomps from new Filmmaker’s Transitions product to free version
  • Added a preset "Fade Cubic In 1" to free version
  • Added a preset "Position Lines From Start Separately 3" to free version
  • Fixed some issues with presets that use pseudo effects
  • Other minor bugfixes

Date: 04. May 2018


  • Added support for new presets with Pseudo Effects
  • Optimized preset expressions
  • Added support for separated dimensions in position property
  • Added option to enable/disable preset in Effect Controls Panel using "fx" checkbox (the same way as when using effect)
  • Fixed some errors when using Transition Shifter

Date: 21. Mar 2018


  • Added support for new IN/OUT transition markers on precomps to Transition Shifter
  • Fixed issue with entering non-English characters when editing texts in precomps
  • Fixed bug causing freezing AE when changing palette on some specific precomps
  • Fixed bug causing freezing after adding a folder containing too many sound files

Date: 11. Jan 2018


  • Added support for new Backgrounds and Transitions
  • Added IN/OUT/CUT markers to Precomps. Now you can easily adjust duration of transition animations
  • Fixed issue with Update Dialog. Now it should not block other scripts on start
  • Fixed issue with Transition Shifter draggable duration component. Now you do not have to double-click to edit shift time
  • Fixed some other minor bugs / rare crashes

Date: 21. Nov 2017


Platform: Windows

  • Fixed a bug causing crash on startup in CC 2018

Date: 19. Oct 2017


  • Added support for new items in Shape Elements pack v2
  • Fixed issues with keyframes when changing precomp duration
  • Fixed an issue when layer lost its parent after pasting a motion preset
  • Fixed a crash when Preview Grid panel was focused and other AC panel was being closed
  • Fixed some crashes on Windows caused by a bug in DirectX text rendering
  • Fixed an issue in Transition Shifter when effect preset was moved instead of transition

Date: 18. Oct 2017


  • Added support for new auto-resized Titles & Lower Thirds
  • Added option to edit texts in Precomps using AC panel
  • Added breadcrumb navigation to Preview Grid panel
  • Added preview images to folders
  • Fixed some crashes under low memory conditions
  • Fixed some other minor bugs

Date: 13. Sep 2017


  • Added Audio Device Settings so now you can choose output device for previewing Sounds
  • Fixed Anchor Point Tool crash when Render Queue is opened
  • Fixed a bug that was causing a nasty corruption of Undo stack
  • Fixed some minor glitches in User Guide

Date: 29. Jun 2017


  • Added a new feature that lets you add Sounds to Animation Composer
  • Tweaked menu for applying items (now the preview window reacts to all changes made in this menu)
  • Changed install location so you don't not have to install Animation Composer again after updating After Effects
  • Fixed logout issues on macOS
  • Fixed a rare crash after adding Precomp from Preview Grid
  • Fixed a bug in Anchor Point Tool when stroke was applied to a vector layer
  • Fixed time sliders

Date: 14. Jun 2017


  • Fixed crash that occurs when starting After Effects

Date: 05. Apr 2017


  • Added support for new Shape Elements Pack
  • Preview Grid now shows only items shown in tree when using search
  • Fixed slow closing of Animation Composer panel
  • FIxed some minor glitches in UI

Date: 05. Apr 2017


Platform: macOS

  • Fixed a crash that happened when one of AC panels was docked as Stacked Panel Group

Date: 15. Mar 2017


  • Added new amazing panel called Preview Grid
  • Fixed slow Preview loading on Windows in some cases
  • Fixed Green Preview issue on Windows
  • Fixed mouse-over handling when multiple panels are opened on Mac
  • Fixed some other minor bugs and UI glitches

Date: 06. Mar 2017


  • Added support for paths (masks, shapes) to Keyframe Wingman
  • Fixed several bugs that were causing crashes when using Keyframe Wingman

Date: 27. Nov 2016


  • Added Keyframe Wingman tool
  • Added option to change Precomp's duration before inserting it
  • Added option to insert Precomp at playhead at its In Point or at the end of its In Transition
  • Added clear button to search bar
  • Added option to reveal freshly installed items
  • Fixed some minor issues

Date: 22. Nov 2016


  • Fix an issue that caused crash when using Anchor Point tool
  • Fix an issue that caused the plugin to not load when After Effects was started through Adobe Premiere
  • Add back the possibility to search for preset with its unique code

Date: 06. Sep 2016


  • Prevented crash in buggy AE CS6 version ("Update required" warning)
  • Fixed random logout issue
  • Fixed crash on changing Precomp duration

Date: 17. Aug 2016


  • Added option to edit "Duration with transition" directly in UI
  • Fixed error occuring during inserting a new Precomp
  • Fixed some other minor issues

Date: 12. Aug 2016


  • Fix Free Starter Pack download button
  • Fix some rare crashes

Date: 11. Aug 2016


  • Fixed Precomp editing issue in large project files
  • Fixed some UI glitches in Manage Products window

Date: 10. Aug 2016


  • Fixed crash on start
  • Fixed crash after login
  • Fixed Update button in Manage Products

Date: 10. Aug 2016


Animation Composer has a lot of new awesome features.

  • Polished user interface.
  • New type of content called "Precomps". It’s royalty-free content that you can use in your videos. For example: titles, animated illustrations, elements and much more.
  • There's a new store where you can get a lot of additional content.
  • Anchor Point Mover - quickly reposition the anchor point for selected layers...
  • There's a new user guide with lots of short videos... full of tips and tricks.
  • User accounts. Now you can keep your favourites and licenses safely synced with your account.
  • New "Manage Products" window. Download, update and manage your products from one place.
    Working with presets has got better too.
  • Now you can finally apply a preset to multiple selected layers.
  • There are more options on how to copy a preset.
  • New presets in "The Most Handy Presets Pack".
    Update to Animation Composer 2 for free and check out the other videos for tips and tricks.

Date: 10. Aug 2016