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May 25 2023

2D Special Effects update

We're thrilled to announce a hot new update to the 2D Special Effects pack. Our horses have been working on this one for over a year and added a whopping 295 new items.

The pack si now twice as nice, stocked with double the contents. Here is what's new:

  • 27 new electric items
  • 31 new energy items
  • 41 new fire items
  • 21 new liquid items
  • 42 new shape items
  • 39 new smoke items
  • 5 new speed items
  • 14 new transitions
  • New category: Splatters
  • New category: Slashes
  • New category: Explosions
  • Updated category: Liquid

How to check them out? All the new items can be found in folders called "V2". If you own the 2D Special Effects pack or are subscribed to one of our paid plans, just open Mister Horse Product Manager app and download the update.

Visit updated product page

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