Smooth Steel 1 Pack

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Important! This pack has been discontinued and all licenses have been upgraded to a better Textures pack. If you're missing the new license, please let us know.

Original Description

A pack of pre-animated precomps with texture files. Timesaving workflow, easy to use & customise.

Precomps in this pack are divided into following categories:

  • Fading areas of textures
  • Regular sequence
  • Fading sequence
  • Static images

Items are stored inside Animation Composer panel so you can use them whenever you need them. This way your project stays clean and contains only stuff that you actually use.

  • All the items have a video preview
  • You can change the texture color tint
  • Drag & drop to add

Music by PremiumBeat.

Items included in this pack

Fading Steel
Static Steel 1
Fading Steel Areas 1
Static Steel 2
Fading Steel Areas 2
Static Steel 3
Fading Steel Areas 3
Static Steel 4
Static Steel 5
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